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NewsFriendly defeat by OFI


At the friendly match between OFI and Panthiraikos, which was held at “Genti Koule” in Heraklion, Panthiraikos lost by 3-0 against OFI.

OFI is a club which participates n Greek Football League (2nd Division), so it was a good chance for our team to compete against a strong opponent. In addition, it was important for our club to stay active, as there are not official matches scheduled up to 23rd of October.

OFI managed to take the lead at the 20th minute with a goal scored by Hadi. Cretans had two more chances to score during the first half, but Pouris saved the shoots made by Machado and Vouho. At the second half OFI scored again with Manos at 63′ and 67′. Panthiraikos had some very good chances to score. At the 66′ minute of the match Moraitis’ shoot went of the post and at 82′ Perialis tried to score but Papadakis blocked.

OFI Crete (Nikos Nioplias): Dafkos (59 ‘Papadakis) Kotsios (59’ Fazos) Vallianos (59 ‘Touglis) Ostojic, Vouho (59’ Manos), Hadi (59 ‘Ogkmpoe) Mikits (59’ Komesidis) Bourselis (59 ‘Maniadis) Koiliaris (59’ Vrettos) Antoukor (59 ‘Chisi), Machado (59’ Milosavlief).

Panthiraikos (Manolis Papamatheakis): Pouris (46 ‘Zontos) Koletsis, Kalagkanis, Koumparoulis, Savvidis (76’ Kortsinidis), Lluka, Fytros (64 ‘Zonas) Bakalis, Papitsas, Perialis, Garyfalopoulos (53’ Moraitis).

Substitutes: Kortsinidis, Vlavianos, Zontos, Zonas, Moraitis, Kritsas.

Referee of the match was Viskadouros with assistant referees Daskalakis and Mavrantonakis

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