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In 1969, Panthiraikos A.O. participated in a tournament of independent sports clubs in Athens. The team competed against Keratsini, Zografou, Taxiarchis Alsoupolis, Aino Petroupolis and Kerameikos.


In May 1971, the club participated in friendly games and defeated the Ios AO 1-0, Pannaxiakos 2-1 and the team of a French navy ship named “Rin” 2-1. More than a thousand fans attended the game. The French led the game until the 10th minute. On the 25th minute Biralis skillfully scored for Panthiraikos, while on the 88th minute Gavalas scored and secured the victory for Panthiraikos. The team constellation on that day was the following:

Markou, Fylitsis, Mendrinos, Sorotos, Kafieris, Zorzos, Gavalas, Sirigos, Darzentas (Fytros), Sigalas (Biralis). Please click here for the relevant news article of “Athlitiki Ixo” newspaper.

In 1972, the club applied for a membership in the Piraeus football league in which AO Syrou and Astir Syrou were members. However, the fact that the AO Mykonos had withdrawn from the league the year before resulted in the Football League’s reluctance to expand further into the Cyclades islands. Although several attempts aiming at the creation of a Cyclades football league within the 3rd division of the Piraeus Football League have been reported, all of them failed. The reason for that was financial shortage and no funds for substantial expenses such as transfer costs of the club. For these reasons, the application of Panthiraikos A.O. was rejected as happened with all other local football teams of Cyclades which after that continued playing in occasional friendly games.


In 1980, the Football League of Cyclades was founded so the club started participating in an official championship. Since that day, the club participated in the 1st division of the Cyclades football league playing an important role in the league. The club won the championship three times and the Cyclades Cup twice. In 1985, Panthiraikos participated in the 3rd division of the National Football League. In 1988, after winning the Cyclades championship and the championship of champions, the club participated in the 4th division of the National Football League anew for six consecutive years until 1994. In 2016, Panthiraikos won the Cup and Championship of Cyclades and also managed to participate in the 3rd division of the National Football League for the first time in the club’s history.

Championship, 1st Division of Cyclades (3): 1984-1985, 1987-1988, 2015-2016.
Championship, 2nd Division of Cyclades (2): 2002-2003, 2004-2005
Cyclades Cup (3): 1989, 2016,2019
Runner-up, Cyclades Cup (3): 1992, 2005,2018.

4th Division:

1985-86 (1st league): 15th place/19 teams, 29 points, 48-55 goals
1988-89 (4th league): 8th place /18 teams, 40 points, 51-38 goals
1989-90 (5th league): 4th place /19 teams, 40 points, 52-35 goals
1990-91 (7th league): 13th place /22 teams, 45 points, 55-51 goals
1991-92 (2nd league): 9th place /17 teams, 32 points, 56-47 goals
1992-93 (2nd league): 3rd place /16 teams, 51 points, 55-33 goals
1993-94 (2nd league): 9th place /16 teams, 44 points, 38-43 goals
Photographer : https://www.facebook.com/ThanosRivios


The football season 2015-2016 was one of the most historical periods of our club. After a fantastic and succesful season, Panthiraikos managed to win the Cyclades Cup and the Cyclades championship. Afterwards, our team took part in the special tournament of Greek Federation, facing the champions of Lesvos, Dhodhekanisos and Chios and managed to win a promotion to the C' Division of greek football for first time ever.


Panthiraikos played for the first time in his history in the C' Division, during 2016-2017. Participating in a really competetive group withn 15 teams, Panthiraikos had a very good season and managed to finish at the 8th place of the standing.

The season of 2017-2018 didn't started very well for our team. Some bad result during the first round of the tournament led the team to the last places of the standings. Hoewever, the second round was completely different, and after a great run Panthiraikos finished the league at the 2nd place.

2018-2019 was also a succesful season for our club. During the whole season our team was very competetive and finally finished at the 4th place. In addition, Panthiraikos managed to win the Cyclades Cup again. after beating Pannaxiakos with 1-3, at the final match that took place in Syros, in 20th of April 2019.

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Panthiraikos FC is a club based in Fira Santorini, Greece. The club is currently playing in Division C - Group D, In 2016, Panthiraikos won the Cup and Championship of Cyclades and also managed to participate in the 3rddivision of the National Football League for the first time in the club’s history.



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