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NewsDraw against Kissamikos


A draw was the final result of the friendly match betweeen Panthiraikos and Kissamikos.

This game was a good chance for our club to compete against a strong club which participates in Football League (2nd National Division)

The match didn’t have many chances for goal and none of the two teams managed to score. At 63′ Kissamikos had a good chance but Zontos blocked the shoot made by Kike. At 65′ Panthiraikos had a great opportunity to score but the direct free kick by Koubaroulis was saved by Lazaridis. At 75′ Lazaridis saved again the shoot made by Zonas. At 83′ Kissamikos had one really good chance but Tserkezos’ shoot was stopped by Koubaroulis.

The line ups

Panthiraikos(Manolis Papamattheakis): Zontos, Kortsinidis (46′ Koletsis), Kalagkanis, Mkrtsian, Koubaroulis, Bakalis, Fitros(46′ Lazaridis), Lluka (46′ Savvidis), Garyfallopoulos, Perialis, Moraitis(46′ Zonas)

Substitutes: Pouris, Vlavianos, Kritsas, Peka, Matsiotas


Kissamikos(Spiros Baxevanos): Lazaridis, Pagonis(46′ Tserkezos), Nguem, Pantelakis, Tsontakis(46′ Kourelas), Seliniotakis, Goumas, Thiago Silva(58′ Mario Martinez), Vlachos (58′ Kike), Pokong (67′ Theos), Mantzis(67′ Milic)


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Panthiraikos FC is a club based in Fira Santorini, Greece. The club is currently playing in Division C - Group D, In 2016, Panthiraikos won the Cup and Championship of Cyclades and also managed to participate in the 3rddivision of the National Football League for the first time in the club’s history.



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