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NewsWin for U14 team


For the second round of U14 EPS Cyclades Championship Panthiraikos won Filoti by 7-0. The match was played on Saturday 15th of October 2016 at Panthiraikos field.

The score was opened in the 6th minute by Koiliakoudis. Then Gkitsis with two goals in 8 ‘and 10′ made it 3-0. Shortly afterwards the Naxos team won a penalty but Adamidis saved Karamanis’ kick. In counterattack our team scored another goal with Vamvakousis. Veziris (30′) and Ntoika (34′) made the score 6-0. The final 7-0 was scored by Xagoraris.

Referee of the match was Mr. Vailas

The Line ups:

Panthiraikos (Kremmydas): Adamidis, Mavrikis, Feggis, Kremmydas, Koiliakoudis, Vamvakousis, Veziris, Ntoika, Michalios, Damigos, Gkitsis

As substitution played: Vazaios, Darzentas, Kafouros, Sigalas, Damigos, Papadopoulos and Xagoraris.

A.M.S Filoti (Mihajlovic): Promponas, Lagogiannis, Vassilakis, Karamanis, Moustakis, Polikretis, Moustakis, Lagogiannis, Mastoropoulos, Moustakis and Tsakoniatis.

Also played Barbunis and Psaras.

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Panthiraikos FC is a club based in Fira Santorini, Greece. The club is currently playing in Division C - Group D, In 2016, Panthiraikos won the Cup and Championship of Cyclades and also managed to participate in the 3rddivision of the National Football League for the first time in the club’s history.



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